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The idea to form a band to regularly play the music of Rush was never the primary intention of Counterparts. In April 2004, 3 of the original 4 members of ‘Counterparts’ were asked to play in a local Charity concert in their then band ‘The Field’. Never refusing to turn down a charitable event the 3 guys had one problem, that the band they were in had just dissolved. Talking to a good friend and guitarist Phil Brown the guys linked with him to play a ‘one off’ set comprising of Rush songs. They performed under the guise of ‘A Bit Of Rush’. They played a 6 song set comprising of; Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions, Limelight, The Trees, Working Man, Spirit Of Radio and Closer To The Heart. The evening went down so well and the response was so great that the 4 decided to continue.

A year later under the new name of ‘Counterparts’, a man came to see the band at Norcross social club. He reviewed the band on the Rush forum website ‘TNMS’ and became friendly with the band. In the space of 6 months, Mark ‘Woody’ Woodacre was to complete the band as vocalist. It had been apparent that guitarist Phil Brown was chomping at the bit to give more attention, do justice, and truly focus on the guitar parts. Not just by what is played but also the sound and style that Alex Lifeson has created over the progressive phases of Rush. When Woody took over Phil’s singing it released him to set about with what he had been itching to do. In fact all the sections that make up the Rush sound are scrutinised to the finest detail. From keyboard voices and sounds to the electronic percussion and drum phrases, all the members seek to push themselves to give the best that they can.

In late 2009 bassist and vocalist John Power joined the band, replacing exiting member and good friend Alan Allcock who formed his own very successful covers band. John and Phil had originally discussed forming a Rush tribute a few years before Counterparts but other commitments wouldn’t allow it. Mark Woodacre also left the band in early 2013 with John Power taking over the vocal duties (Geddy style) along with his Bass duties.

It is a position that Counterparts stand by way when they proclaim that they are not in the purest sense a Rush Tribute. They are a four piece band (Not a 3 piece like Rush) trying as close as they can to emulate the sound of Rush on stage. They also decided early on to try and bring something different to the table. There is already a number of excellent Rush ‘tributes’ out and about and what Counterparts proposed to do was to add into a set littered with the broader known standards, various Rush classics that either Rush have never played live or basically songs that the band themselves wanted play.

A number of years later from that first charity concert the band have logged over 60 gigs. Have head lined the largest European Rush convention more than once.

With over 80 Rush songs in the repertoire, there will always be diversity and smiles at a CP concert.

Counterparts are:

Phil Brown: Guitars

John Power: Bass Guitar & Vocals

Rob Stirzaker: Drums & Electronic Percussion

Darrel Treece-Birch: Keyboards

The band are based in the North West area but play all across the country. Counterparts can be contacted via email at counterparts@my.com 

Counterparts will be using the rest of 2016 to add to their already extensive set list.

We will return in 2017 to live it all again.


The Steamer gig raised £562.50 in total. Thank you for the support.

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"Hands down the best tribute band I've ever heard.... Awesome last night guys... looking forward to seeing you again"